Treat Me

BOKEH Rituals

  • BOKEH Signature Soul Retreat

    Our nurturing signature ritual, designed specifically for Bokeh by Montcalm East includes a wonderful foot ritual followed by our unique massage, targeting the back, neck, shoulders and scalp.

    50 mins, Mon-Thu | £130 50 mins, Fri-Sun | £140
  • My Kinda Mood

    Choose from different aromas to match your mood. Our wonderfully relaxing and restorative full-body and soothing prescription facial.

    115, Mon-Thu | £225 115, Fri-Sun | £235
  • Time for M

    Unsure of what you want and need? Book some Time for ME and choose your bespoke experience on the day.

    55 | £140 85 | £175 115 | £245
  • Tarot Reading

    The purpose of Psychic Reading is to gain clarity, confidence and purpose behind the decisions you want to make. You should leave the session feeling empowered, resilient and open towards the opportunities that exist around you.

    60, Wed | £85
  • Spiritual Healing

    Through Spiritual Healing we open ourselves up to more of the Healing Power of the Cosmos to aid us in the healing process of our Aura, Chakras   and Inner Spirit.

    Within this session we aim to heal, balance and cleanse your etheric energies.

    60, Wed | £85

Massage Experiences

  • Swedish Massage 55, Mon-Thu | £120 55, Fri-Sun | £130 85, Mon-Thu | £175 85, Fri-Sun | £185
  • Couple's Massage

    Drift away with our calming blend of frankincense, lavender and patchouli, or feel invigorated with elements of ginger, lemon and bergamot.

    55, Mon-Thu | £240 55, Fri-Sun | £260 85, Mon-Thu | £350 85, Fri-Sun | £370
  • Rocks of the Mediterranean

    Hot Stone Massage

    Our thermal stone massage uses warm basalt stones to massage the body from head to toe. Simply heavenly!

    55, Mon-Thu | £140 55, Fri-Sun | £150
  • Rose Quartz & Truffles

    Body Massage

    This indulgent full-body massage will leave your skin restored and radiant with our unique truffle massage oil.

    85, Mon-Thu | £165 85, Fri-Sun | £175
  • Deep Tissue

    Sports Massage

    A specialised treatment focusing on the body’s main muscle groups using techniques effective in helping with musculoskeletal pain.

    55, Mon-Thu | £135 55, Fri-Sun | £145
  • OTO Amplify Signature Experience

    Our Amplify Signature Treatment uses a handcrafted bamboo roller and harnesses the art of crystals to clear the mind and cleanse the spirit.

    55, Mon-Thu | £130 55, Fri-Sun | £140
  • OTO Focus Experience

    Our Focus Experience uses reflexology techniques to balance the body and mind to bring you back to the present. Designed to clarify, fortify and energise.

    55, Mon-Thu | £130 55, Fri-Sun | £140
  • OTO Balance Massage Experience

    Our grounding Balance full-body massage is designed to stabilise the stress response incorporating rose quartz, which has deep inner-healing properties.

    55, Mon-Thu | £130 55, Fri-Sun | £140

Facial Experiences

  • My Kinda Skin

    Bespoke prescription facial for individual skin types.

    A totally bespoke facial. We’ll analyse, prescribe and tailor your facial to deliver amazing results.

    55, Mon–Thu | £120 55, Fri–Sun | £130
  • Go Guy Facial

    Men’s facial for all skin types

    This high-performance men’s facial will revive, refresh and invigorate. Leaving you ready to face the world.

    55, Mon–Thu | £120 55, Fri–Sat | £130
  • Repose Aromatherapy Facial

    Relaxing indulgent facial for all skin types

    This indulgent aromatherapy facial is infused with a Mediterranean blend of 40 essential oils. Designed to soothe and calm both the mind and body. Pure bliss!

    70, Mon–Sun | £155
  • Champagne & Truffles Facial

    The crème de la crème of facials

    This super-luxe treatment boasts an anti- ageing resurfacing peel, brightening mask and our award-winning Skin Truffle plus a glass of bubbles to boot. Absolutely fabulous, darling!

    85, Mon–Thu | £175 85, Fri–Sun | £185
  • LED Facial

    Our UV-free treatment uses different wavelengths of light to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, increase collagen and treat mild to moderate acne. Enjoy it as a standalone treatment or add it on to your facial for extra glow.

    25, Mon-Thu | £55 25, Fri-Sun | £65
  • OTO Facial Ritual

    Designed to hydrate and rejuvenate, this luxurious indulgent facial leaves the skin radiant and nourished.

    55, Mon - Thu | £130 55, Fri - Sun | £140

Body Experiences

  • Outer Glow

    Top-to-toe buffing and polishing! This invigorating and refreshing all-over treatment leaves skin soft as silk, revitalised and hydrated. Off you glow!

    45, Mon-Thu | £80 45, Fri-Sun | £90
  • Go Figure Detox Treatment

    Helping to improve lymphatic flow and target those wobbly bits! This invigorating treatment includes body brushing, detox massage and mud wrap. A course of six is recommended.

    55, Mon-Thu | £115 55, Fri-Sun | £125
  • Jet Lag Recovery Therapy

    A wonderfully restorative therapy including Therabody RecoveryAir Jet Boots to increase circulation and reduce swelling. Tense limbs are relaxed and loosened using specific stretching techniques whilst our radiance LED therapy helps to firm, lift and brighten any tired complexion.

    55, Mon - Thu | £160 55, Fri - Sun | £170
  • Jet Set Go

    An express but full packed treatment focusing on percussive therapy. This treatment includes the Therabody RevoveryAir Jet Boots to see you back on your feet again!

    25, Mon - Thu | £75 25, Fri - Sun | £85
  • Glorious Mud

    This warm vitamin and mineral rich detox treatment uses an application of Glorious Mud to nourish and purify the skin. Once cocooned, relax with a glorious face-and-scalp massage.

    55, Mon-Thu | £115 55, Fri-Sun | £125
  • Refloxology

    Using the theory behind reflexology our expertly trained therapists will use their skills to help to clear energy channels, reduce toxins and aid systemic disruption. 

    55, Mon-Sun | £135

Pregnancy Treatments

  • New Beginnings Massage

    Enjoy your full-body massage without the need to lie on your tummy. Our specially trained therapists know exactly how to make you and your bump feel comfortable and relaxed.

    55, Mon-Thu | £120 55, Fri-Sun | £130
  • Yummy Mummy-To-Be

    This restorative experience focuses on the body and the face, followed by a targeted treatment to soothe swollen ankles and leave you and your baby feeling pampered.

    Congratulations, ladies! Just make sure you’re through your first trimester to receive treatments.

    145, Mon-Thu | £165 145, Fri-Sun | £175

Sociable Grooming

  • Nails

    Embellish your hands and feet with our OPI manicures and pedicures. Our fashionable, iconic lacquers and gel polishes provide long-lasting colour and chip-resistant finishes.

    Gel Mani / Pedi | £55 Gel Soak Off | £15 Luxury Mani / Pedi | £50 Men’s Mani / Pedi | £45
  • Waxing

    Prices on request

Upgrade Me!

  • Go on, treat yourself! Upgrades must be added to an existing treatment.
  • Contourist Mask

    Firming and radiance-boosting serum mask

  • Eye Survive

    A rescue mission for the eyes!

  • Sound Therapy

    Zone out with the sound of Tibetan singing bowls

    15 | £15
  • Cryotherapy Facial Massage

    The coolest treatment around!

    15 | £20
  • Quartz Stone Facial Massage

    The ultimate skin gym.

    15 | £20
  • Trufflesque Gold Mask

    Worth its weight in gold!

    15 | £10
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